Re-Cladding of existing structures

Re-Cladding of existing structures

“It’s like a good, warm sweater, but a bit more robust.”

iClad Before and After

Before and After

Many of the post WWII structures need our help. They have reached and – in many cases – surpassed the anticipated life expectancy at the time of construction. We are now seeing thousands of people’s homes and places of work in dire straits.

Our team has designed a unique program to revive and extend the life of these once remarkable structures for another 50-75 years. Increasing the longevity of these structures is essential to our society. It also greatly reduces the cost of energy use when properly insulated, upgraded to new windows, and brilliantly clad with our iClad program.

Compact Laminate is the cladding material of choice for many of these applications. Brilliant d´cors transform our old and worn buildings into destinations to be proud of for decades to come.