Dunleavy Cordun Products

Our company has grown over the past 30 years and so have the products we offer.  We’ve discovered several new niche products that make the built environment better, last longer and are more affordable for everyone.

Starting with Compact Laminates, we have sourced a product that is “as our customers have told us” about to change the way architects and interior designers address their customers needs, without sacrificing important design intent, affordability and durability. Our Compact Laminate, manufactured by one of the most progressive companies in the world, combines the attributes necessary for many different applications. Exceptional decors, unique properties and affordability are three reasons our Compact Laminate is the right product for your projects.

Moving on to the Tweha Bonding system, Dunleavy Cordun Inc is the only company in the North American Free Trade Zone (Canada, USA and Mexico), that not only stocks a full array of Tweha products, but is also the only certified installation company and certified trainer (Bill Kahansky, President) in this zone.

Tweha Bonding systems provide an alternative to mechanical fastening for both exterior and interior applications. Dunleavy Cordun Inc has designed installation techniques that make it easier to install Compact Laminate, Composite Aluminum, Stone, Ceramic and many other materials .

Finally, we come back to our beginning!! Accessibility by Dunleavy Cordun Inc is a showcase of our humble start more than 30 years ago. Our founder, Mr. Joe Dunleavy, traveled around the world looking for just the right products to import to North America and as the forerunner of the Barrier Free industry, his successes have inspired our determination to carry on the tradition of being the leader in Universal Design products.