Dunleavy Cordun Inc. Head Office Caledonia Road, TorontoWelcome to our new home on the Internet. During the past 30 years, Dunleavy Cordun Inc., has established itself as the leading importer, distributor and innovative company in the construction industry. Over these three decades, we have been the source for insightful assistance to a wide range of clients across the continent. We are privileged and honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with these finest designers in our land. We’ve updated our look, our products and just about everything else you are going to see on the following pages. What’s new? Almost everything we do!! We’ve updated the products we offer, expanded the applications of these products, and lowered the prices of these products, which facilitates more uses of these products for you and your clients. We realized that price is an important part of the equation and one of our primary goals is to make our products more affordable to use on any project. Whether it is new construction or the renovation of any existing building and without sacrificing the excellent quality of these products.

We also understand the nature of doing business in hectic times, and have addressed these needs by making it easier to work with Dunleavy Cordun Inc. Please make yourselves at home in our Internet home. We look forward to sharing with you.